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posted on 25 Feb 2017

We all look forward to running a few miles on treadmill, weight lifting, doing strenuous exercises.But when it comes to stretching after those exercise, do we really take it seriously? Or do we sideline it, thinking ‘we are no Ballerinas’?


Winter! A Good Time to Workout

posted on 25 Jan 2017

WINTER IS HERE! Gear up and embrace the winters with a toner /fitter self. We’ve all heard our fitness gurus talking about continuous fitness routine. Exercising all year round gives you fantastic benefits in your appearance and health, and helps you boost your energy and productivity. There are numerous advantages of workout, but working out in winter has its own added benefits.


Importance of a balanced diet and eating at regular intervals

posted on 06 Jan 2017

Good health is a treasure and needs constant maintenance. Having a good health requires one to maintain a healthy diet along with regular physical exercise.Does that mean one needs to quit all their favourite food and switch to broccoli and boiled food? No it does not.That is where the concept of balanced diet comes to aid.


Importance of personal trainer

posted on 13 Dec 2016

A personal trainer is a certified professional who pushes you in the direction of the fitness success. He not only understands your fitness expectation but is present with you in every step of the fitness journey .